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Salt & Light Agency

We help companies and individuals understand, develop and improve their character, then build amazing content strategies and communications programs to support long-term success. 


Do your actions truly reflect what you say about yourself or your business? How you are is who you are in the eyes of employees, customers, prospects, business partners and the public at large. Your character is not the sum of your mission statement, logo and latest marketing campaign. It should be reflected in everything you say and do - the beliefs you hold, the values you profess and the way you behave. 

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Solve problems. Build trust. Develop relationships. Increase loyalty. Those are just a few things your content marketing should help accomplish. It's about creating value, not the hard sell. Before you obsess over tools and tactics - obsess over your audience. Whether internally focused or targeted toward your external audiences, Salt & Light can help elevate your content efforts.

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Tell your story with honesty, substance and style. Keep in mind that it's not only what you's how you say it, when you say it, where you say it, how often you say it and to whom you say it! We are experts in strategic communications, and we can help you craft and deliver your content in ways that resonate with each of your target audiences. 

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